STARS Program History


The motivation to establish the WSD60 STARS 21st CCLC Program originated in the year 2000 as a response to substantial shifts in Waukegan’s student demographics when an acute influx of migrant and urban youth transferred into the district.

The cultural makeup and economic status of the new student population presented challenging learning needs resulting in greater demands on the district. The STARS Program was designed to support schools on the academic watch list and instructed the most at-risk youth intending to provide academic help for these struggling students. The records indicate initial program efforts targeted elementary program offerings and middle school cohorts.



The STARS Program has been in existence for 12 years and is well known in the community and considered as an ally for parents and students where they can attend in a safe afterschool environment. In 2000, WSD60 served 14,391 students consisting of 56.3% Hispanic, 26.2% Black, and 15% White learners.