Show Tell Activate!


The STARS Approach to Learning has been designed to ensure students will have fun, as well as learn key concepts and important skills. We aspire for all STARS students to become vested in their learning process and therefore gain a sense of ownership. 

Five Steps to the STARS Approach to Learning

Imagine STARS students bursting with curiosity as to how they are going to “activate” today’s activity!  

  1. Students first dive into a fun learning exercise designed to explore key concepts, important skills, and insightful connections to SHOW what they are thinking and feeling.

  2.  Then students are given the opportunity to TELL about what they just experienced, ask questions they are curious about, and share past related experiences.

  3. Engaged in interactive instruction, students then learn how to ACTIVATE new vocabulary, key concepts, and required skills.

  4. Students are now prepared to RESPOND in creative ways to demonstrate new understandings and skills with relevant connections and application to real life.

  5. Students wrap up the activity with the opportunity to SAY WHAT? by way providing feedback and input as to what they have learned, ideas for improvement, as well as new questions.