Social Emotional Learning Standards

Overarching Social and Emotional Learning Standards  |  Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)

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Goal 1: 

Develop self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve school and life success.


Goal 2: 

Use social-awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships.


Goal 3: 

Demonstrate decision-making skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school, and community contexts.

Several key sets of skills and attitudes provide a strong foundation for achieving school and life success.

One involves knowing your emotions, how to manage them, and ways to express them constructively.

This enables one to handle stress, control impulses, and motivate oneself to persevere in overcoming obstacles to goal achievement.

A related set of skills involves accurately assessing your abilities and interests, building strengths, and making effective use of family, school, and community resources.

Finally, it is critical for students to be able to establish and monitor their progress toward achieving academic and personal goals.

Building and maintaining positive relationships with others are central to success in school and life and require the ability to recognize the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of others, including those different from one’s own.

In addition, establishing positive peer, family, and work relationships requires skills in cooperating, communicating respectfully, and constructively resolving conflicts with others.

Promoting one’s own health, avoiding risky behaviors, dealing honestly and fairly with others, and contributing to the good of one’s classroom, school, family, community, and environment are essential to citizenship in a democratic society. 

Achieving these outcomes requires an ability to make decisions and solve problems on the basis of accurately defining decisions to be made, generating alternative solutions, anticipating the consequences of each, and evaluating and learning from one’s decision making.